12 Reasons why you should visit Bhutan?

12 Reasons why you should visit Bhutan?

Do you know why Bhutan is so popular tourist destination in the world? The Kingdom of Bhutan will quench your thirst for wandering souls. Bhutan has many things to offer its visitors which are unique and incredible. You can explore and experience Bhutan in many ways, eventually, your trip to Bhutan will reward you with a handful of memories. Those who visit Bhutan don’t like to end their trip and some tourists even thinking of getting Bhutanese citizenship. Here are some of the top reasons to visit Bhutan.


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The land of Mystery


Bhutan is dominated by the Buddhist religion and the culture is most relevant to it. There are unheard stories behind the establishment of the monasteries and fortress (Dzongs) which are built centuries ago. During your Bhutan Tour, you will experience some surprising elements which are included in your tour.

A Smiling Country


Probably Bhutanese are one of the most humble citizens in the world. Whenever you see Bhutanese people they are greeting you with a smile on their faces. It is always good to learn the local language and if it’s difficult for you then at least some greeting words like Kuzu Zangpo La. When you greet your guide and other locals who meet through your trip, they are sweet enough to say you hello with their cheerful face.

Taktsang (Tiger’s Nest)


Tiger Nest or Taktsang is the most highlighted landmark of Bhutan, hanging on the rocky mountain (10,200 feet) above the Paro. This sacred site of Guru Rinpoche is visited by many Buddhist pilgrims from the world. It was first built in 1692 and restored after 1998 burned from a butter lamp. The Palphug monastery looks incredible even from the Paro valley. Inside the Monastery there are 8 caves and 4 of them are easy to access. All the travelers must hike or take a horse to visit Taktsang that’s the only way to reach.

Takin – The National Animal


Takin is the national animal of Bhutan. The history behind the national animal-related to Lama Drukpa Kunley who is commonly known for Divine Madman. It is believed that the lama cut the head of the goat and attached it with a cow’s body and Takin was created. Takins are one of the endangered animals and they found in bamboo forests at altitudes of 1,000 to 4,500 meters in Bhutan.

Unique Culture


Bhutan has kept a strict isolationism policy till the 20th century which helps to preserve its couture. Even though Bhutan is a small country, it holds an abundant identity and unity. The government of Bhutan is actively engaged in the preservation and promotion of its rich culture which is the influence of Tibetan Buddhism.

Bhutanese Hot Dining


This land of mystery has other elements to offer its visitors that is its own specialty. Chilli is the essential ingredient in the majority of the Bhutanese dish. In Bhutan people relish a completely vegetarian food of “Ema Datshi” which is prepared from cheese and chili, even though they also consume Yak meat. If you are trying Ema Datshi (National dish) for the first time then don’t forget to arrange water by your side because it is serving in hot. This may be an adventurous dining experience for you but you will wonder how the Bhutanese eat the hot dishes with ease.

Land of Fortress (Dzongs)


In Every district or dzongkhag, you will find Dzong or fortress. Each dzong has captured an interesting history behind it and now utilizes it for the administrative center. Dzongs are built with the Bhutanese typical architecture with base is wide and upper towering top. A unique feature of the dzong is that it is built in such a way without using any nails.

Gross National Happiness


Bhutan government prioritized the people’s spiritual and mental well being by setting the development philosophy of “Gross National Happiness” instead of Gross Domestic Product. For Buddhist countries, inner peace is much appreciated and Bhutan is promoting it by sharing it all over the world. That’s why it is also called the “Last Shangri La” of the world.

Destination of the discerning tourist


Bhutan has good plans for tourism with its unique policy of Less Volume, High Value. Bhutan really cares about its environment and culture. Bhutan is the only country in the world that bans the business of Tobaccos. Smoking in public is strongly prohibited but some hotels and restaurants have separate smoking rooms. The government of Bhutan has a ban on tattoo parlors and it is against government law. Bhutan law says that 60 percent of the country should be forest and currently reached more than 70 percent. So, Bhutan stands on the list of the world’s carbon-neutral nations.

Untouched Trekking Destination


Bhutan lies in the eastern Himalayas where there are virgin trekking routes such as Jomokhari Trek, Druk Path Trek, Chele La Trek, etc. Bhutan provides an opportunity for mountain adventures to trekkers all over the world. Trekking in Bhutan offers you pristine natural environments like green meadows, pleasant valleys, vistas of more than 7000 meters high unclimbed mountains, and the 5000 meters scenic passes. Trekking in Bhutan will help you to observe the real Bhutanese culture and lifestyle of people. Bhutan will make a dream come true for all the trekking and hiking lovers.

Tshechu Festivals


Tshechu is the popular festival of Bhutan celebrated throughout the country depending on the lunar calendar. Fascinating festival events of Bhutan welcomes many tourists to experience its unique culture of mountain Kingdom. You will see huge crowds of locals and tourists assembled at courtyards of Dzongs (fortress) and monasteries to see and accumulate merits from the Mask dances. Locals believe that one must attend it at least once in their life.

Spiritual Kingdom


Buddhism in Bhutan is beyond religion. The way of life in Bhutan reflects in the form of Buddhism. That is the only reason why Bhutan is peaceful among the other Asian countries. In the morning and evening, you will see the older people making a Kora around the monasteries and stupa. This proves that Buddhism is deeply engrained in the Bhutanese society. If you are seeking a tranquil place to get away from your daily chaos then experience a yoga or meditation trip in Bhutan to feed your spiritual soul.

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