How to get Bhutan Visa and Book Bhutan Tours?

How to get Bhutan Visa and Book Bhutan Tours?

Bhutan has its own unique tourism policy where everyone cannot travel except lucky travelers. The purpose of implementing the Bhutanese Tourism policy of ‘high value, low volume’ is to maximize the national tourism revenue and minimize the impact on culture and environment which lead to a perfect example of a happy nation in the world. 

All the international tourists are mandatory to obtain a Bhutanese visa in advance of your trip except its neighboring nations such as India, Bangladesh, and the Maldives. Bhutan’s neighboring countries can get visas on arrival and the cost of the tour is also cheaper as compared with other tourists. Although Bhutan is not easily undertaken and expensive for international tourists, unspoiled scenery, unique culture, and the carbon-free nation make it very worthwhile.  Independent travelers or backpackers are not encouraged by the Government of Druk. Tourists must travel to Bhutan in a guided tour organized by tour agencies.

Follow the below 7 steps to book any tour in Bhutan.   

  1. Make an inquiry: Send us your inquiry to or with your places of interest, travel duration, festivals to attend, tours/treks, flights into Bhutan required.
  2. Itinerary: A proposed itinerary will be sent to you as per your interest for your confirmation and cost details for the trip.
  3. Passport copies: Please mail your scanned copies of passport(s) for the necessary arrangements.
  4. Deposit (10%): After deciding on the tour, please send 10% of the total trip cost at the time of the reservation.
  5. Down Payment (90%): The full payment required 1 month prior to the trip departure date in Bhutan. (Without making a down payment for the tour, we won’t able to send you the visa confirmation letter)
  6. Visa Application: Once we received the full payment, we will process the visa to Bhutan which is 100% guaranteed.
  7. Approved Visa Invitation Letter: We will forward you the approval visa Invitation Letter which is required for you to present for boarding Bhutan. The actual visa will be stamped upon your arrival at the Paro International Airport, Bhutan. Without a visa invitation letter, you won’t able to board the flights to Bhutan.

Getting a Bhutanese Visa

All the travelers need Visa to Bhutan in advance which is mandatory except for citizens of neighboring nations from Bangladesh, Maldives, and India. Tourists from these countries are known as a regional tourist who only needs to pay a sustainable development fee of USD 17 per day with free Entry Permit on arrival. The government of Bhutan is trying to increase the number of Tourists in 11 specific districts in eastern Bhutan from the Trongsa to Trashigang by letting tourists without any official restrictions.

The rest of the international tourists must need to pay USD 65 for a sustainable development fee which is included in the minimum daily packages of USD 250. Bhutanese Visa costs USD 40 that needs to be applied and paid in advance.   For that reason, we highly suggest you send us your documents before 90 days of your tour start.  So, we can organize your tour smoothly and a rewarding trip.




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