Great Himalaya Trail Routes

Great Himalaya Trail Routes

The great Himalaya Trail (GHT) route is categorized into two types named High Route and Low route. Both the GHT routes rule all trekking destinations of Nepal from the east end to the west end of Nepal.

High Route GHT

GHT high route mostly goes to the base camp of different high mountains starting from the eastern Kanchenjunga region and ending in Hilsa, Humla district of far western. This route covers a distance of 1700 km where the remote highland natives live there and their culture remains as it was centuries ago. The route passes over the scenic high passes, moraines, Glaciers, isolated valleys, fascinating landscapes, and even encounters with nomadic yak herders.

Trekking through GHT high route is challenging where you need physically fit and basic climbing experience. There are a few tough passes like Sherpani Col where the altitude cross over 6000 meters. This route takes a maximum of 150 days but trail runners may finish within a month that covers only 1,504 km.  In 2018 Ryan Sandes and Ryno Griesel, African trail runners set a new fastest route. Good equipment for trekking and basic climbing is required in GHT high route and it offers you to see all 8 of Nepal’s 8,000m+ mountains.

Low Route GHT

The low route of GHT is shorter in distance than a high route that covers only 1,500 kilometers. Most of the time the average height remains 2000 meters excluding the Jang La Pass (4,519 meters/14,826 ft) that is situated between the regions of Dhaulagiri and Dolpo. Lower route trek can be done within 90 days but the starting and ending points of the trek are similar.

Trekking through the GHT lower route offers you more greenery of pastures, forests, and more countryside villages. Nepal is a small country with a rich culture and biodiversity. So, the lower route is also known for a cultural experience. In this modernized world, the GHT trek is the perfect choice to experience highland nature and culture. Your every encounter with pristine mountains and beautiful villages will tell you different stories that are the most important elements to create your trip best.  

Regions of GHT Trek

1: Kanchenjunga Region
2: Makalu Barun Region 
3: Everest Region
4: Rolwaling Region
5: Langtang and Helambhu Region
6: Manaslu
7: Annapurna Region
8: Mustang
9: Dhaulagiri Region
10: Dolpo Region
11: Rara and Jumla
12: Humla and Far west Nepal

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