Best time to visit Mongolia |When to Travel Mongolia

Best time to visit Mongolia |When to Travel Mongolia

Many travelers still don’t know when to travel to Mongolia.  We are here to provide you beforehand information regarding the best travel time to Mongolia.  Mongolia is one of the favorite destinations to explorers and adventurers where the unparalleled landscape of the least populated nation in the world. Did you know that Mongolia has 257 sunny days in a year with wide-open blue skies for almost four seasons?  Detailed information on the weather conditions and seasons of Mongolia is given below. We hope that will support your Mongolian Tours the most.  

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Four general seasons of Mongolia


Spring in Mongolia begins from mid-march and it lasts for 70 days as longest and 45 days as shortest. Spring substitutes as a transition between harsh winter and pleasant summer. The snow starts melting and greenery comes out of the large open landscape.

Summer in Mongolia is the most pleasant season of the year. Due to the rain shadow area Gobi desert, the southern region receives very minimum rains. It is a good time for travelers to explore Mongolia. July is considered the hottest month of the year. It is time to boost the weight of the livestock when the pasture lands get fully green.

Autumn in Mongolia is also known for the harvesting season when the farmers come to end their yearly cultivation of grains and vegetables. The pasture becomes yellow and the livestock is woolly to ready for cold winter. Gradually the temperature drops down locals collect woods to keep them warm during winter.

Winter in Mongolia is unbearable which drop down to a maximum of minus 40 degree Celsius in some areas. Rivers, streams, and lakes are frozen and people change their transportation means from vehicles to dog and horse sledding. Snow falls heavily over most of the parts. Generally, January is the coldest month of the year but the Mongolian can bear it because of the dry air.

The average temperatures in Mongolia


Area Month During Day Temperature During Night Temperature
South of the country (Gobi) May-June +15+20 C (+59+68F) +10+15 C (+50+59F)
North half of the country May-June +10+15 C (+50+59F) +5+10 C (+41+50F)
South of the country (Gobi) July-August +25+35C (+ 77+95F) +20+25 C (+68+77F)
North half of the country July-August +20+25 C (+68+77F) +15+20 C (+59+68F)
South of the country (Gobi) September +15+25 C (+59+77F) +10+15 C (+50+59F)
North half of the country September +10+20 C (+50+68F) +5+10 C (+41+50F)


High Tourist season in Mongolia


The high tourist season of Mongolia is between May to September during the summertime. Even though it is a monsoon season during July and August but the rains don’t harm your travel plan as the day remains mostly sunny. Gobi desert is the most significant tourist destination in Mongolia and very hot at noon but it gets cool in the afternoon due to the high altitude. Every year during the mid of July Naadam, the most popular festival of Mongolia take place at the national stadium in Ulaanbaatar. This is the best time to explore every corner of Mongolia where the weather permits you to travel without any problem. Even locals go for picnics and camping away from the cities to lakes, rivers, and in national parks areas.

Best Time to Visit during Festivals of Mongolia


Although many travelers visit Mongolia during the summertime but those who are seeking the less crowded season to experience the authentic nomadic culture. Then we suggest you visit during the popular events and festivals of Mongolia. There is nothing better travel memories than planning your trip to Mongolia during the events happening. There are a number of festivals that take place in different parts of Mongolia such as Naadam, Tsagaan Sar, Mongolian Eagle Festival, Yak Festival, winter Ice Festival, and Thousand Camel Festival. Read more about Festivals

Nomadic Family Stay


Apart from the pleasant summer and festival season exploration of Nomadic lifestyle tours can be done throughout the year. Terelj National Park is the nearest nomadic camp from Ulaanbaatar. It is popular for nomadic family stay. One thing that you shouldn’t miss when you are traveling to Mongolia is staying with the nomadic family in Ger (nomadic yurt). Probably this can be one of the most memorable trips in your lifetime. Interacting with the host family and strolling around the camp will offer you an opportunity to learn about their culture and the life of nomadic people.

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