Get to Know about Mongolia| Things to know about Mongolia

Get to Know about Mongolia| Things to know about Mongolia

Mongolia is a mysterious country where they have their own culture and etiquette which is completely different from the rest of the world. It is always good to have knowledge and information regarding your travel destination. So, you can show your respect for their culture and religions. Himalayan Wander Walkers always provide the following extra information to our guests who are planning to visit Mongolia. There are couples of simple and basic rules that you must know especially dealing with the nomadic family before traveling to Mongolia.

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  • Take the first step by right leg over the threshold when entering the Ger
  • Mind your head banging against the top of a doorframe
  • It is important to say “hello?” or “Sain Baina Uu?” when you see the family for the first time and try to speak Mongolian such as, Thank you (Bayarla!) or Bye (bayartai!)
  • Avoid refusing a cup of tea offered and try a little sip then you can put it back on the table
  • If the host may offer a snuff box you should hold it with your right hand and take a little snuff then give it back to him with also right hand.
  • Avoid passing between the central two columns
  • Do not point at their shrine or people
  • Avoid touching Mongolian’s head
  • Point your leg to the main door when you lie down on a bed
  • It is not polite to ask their number of livestock and better to ask how many different types of animals the family has instead
  • Try to speak Mongolian even it’s just Hello (sain bainuu?), Thank you (Bayarla!), or Bye (bayartai!)
  • Enter or leave Ger through the left
  • Accept food or drink with your right hand or both hands
  • Receive the snuff bottle and gently loosen the top without removing it
  • Bring some small gifts such as stationery for children
  • Always get on horseback from the left
  • Watch over your wallet/purse. Pickpocketing is common in crowded places
  • Shake the hands of someone who you have accidentally bumped feet with 



  • Do not whistle inside a Ger
  • X Do not Lean against the pillars in the Ger
  • X Do not Throw water or rubbish into the fire (fire is sacred!)
  • X Do not Walk over the Uurga (horse catching pole)
  • X Do not Pee in any waters in nature such as lakes, rivers, streams ever! (Water is sacred!)
  • X Do not Spill milk/dairy in the river, well, lakes
  • X Do not Talk or joke about bad things that may happen
  • X Do not Estimate travel hours as drivers believe it brings evil on the trip
  • X Do not Ask names of big mountains while the mountain is still insight
  • X Do not Say thank you too much or for small gestures

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