7 Reasons to visit Upper Mustang

7 Reasons to visit Upper Mustang

Upper Mustang is known for many names like a kingdom on the edge, a lost kingdom, and many more which lie in Northern Nepal of Mustang District. It is a combination of two rural municipalities, Lo- manthang and Dalome. Upper Mustang is home to 3,500 populations who had preserved Tibetan culture as it was decades ago. The Buddhist culture of Tibet is much more classically than the modern Chinese region of Tibet itself.

Upper Mustang is a favorite destination for many travelers within and beyond Nepal. Traveling to Upper Mustang is more about the cultural experience than the mountains. The best thing that many travelers like about Upper Mustang is because of its flexibility of trip that offers you.  Upper Mustang doesn’t mean only trekking, there are much more things to do in this majestic place depending on your interest and time availability. The best way to experience Upper Mustang is to travel with the local experienced Guide. Are you looking for a unique destination in Nepal to experience a lifetime experience? If your answer is YES then there that place is non-other than the Upper Mustang. Plan your trip well and let us know your doubts. So, you can explore every nook and corner of this incredible place hassle-free.   

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Culture and Festivals of Upper Mustang

Upper Mustang welcome all the lovers of culture and arts. This is a perfect place to do expedition on the Tibetan Buddhist culture and few of the master piece wall paintings. Monasteries and Caves are the hubs for exploration of architecture skill of centuries old. Tiji festival is the most recommended festival of Mustang which celebrates every year between the mid may to early June.  This is a peak season here in Mustang and I suggest all the travelers to book their trip earlier as possible for the better accommodations and to reserve the flights tickets between Pokhara and Jomsom.

Upper Mustang Jeep Tour

Jeep tour in Upper Mustang is a good choice for many travelers who doesn’t have enough time to visit all places and also to escapes from the aftereffect of the dusty trekking trail, Kora La highway which connect to China on northern border. Four wheeler Jeeps are better choice to be able to handle the toughest and most brutal off-road trails in Mustang. Usually in Nepal many travelers choose Mahindra Scorpio 4x4 Jeeps which is comfortable and affordable. Trip to Upper Mustang offers you a mystical touch of remarkable experience. 

Peak Climbing

Peak Climbing is an ongoing trend for all climbing adventurers. Upper Mustang also offers the vicinity of some Peak climbing activities. Saribung Peak, Mansail Himal, Mustang Himal and Gaugiri are popular among many. After 2010 Nepal open more than hundreds peaks. In 2014 September Japanese female students team climbed Mount Mansail and later on some French people too. Peak climbing is challenging but it’s always worth to do as you will encounter the beauty of Himalayas from the summit of peak.

Mountain Biking in Upper Mustang

Upper Mustang is a perfect spot for Mountain biking in Nepal.  Bicycle tour in Mustang is not difficulty as the road is under construction and off road is use for riding all the way to Kora La, Northern border to China. But still it is an adventure trip as the rough trial crosses multiple high Pass reaching more than 4000 meters during the journey to Mustang Kingdom.  Many riders think that they are lucky to be there where the landscape is dynamic and the well preserved Tibetan Culture exists to experience in their best way.

Helicopter Tour to Upper Mustang

Another way to get Upper Mustang is Helicopter.  Helicopter Tour to Upper Mustang is luxury trip to experience the Kingdom of Lo. Upper Mustang Heli tour is productive trip for timely limited people who want to experience within a very short time.  This trip is rarely done as its expensive compared with the jeep tour and Trekking but those who already had experience this Heli tour are satisfied because of the unique trip which fly over the canyons and Mountains to have the best view ever. Truly a boundless adventure with comfort services.  

Hiking to Nomadic Yak herders

Nomadic Yak Herders of Upper Mustang are decreasing as the modernization makes life easier. If you haven’t seen Tibetan Nomadic life style before then now is a right time to visit them. In Upper Mustang still real Yak herders of Tibet can be seen. Next to the black tent made from the yak hair, Tibetan popular Mastiff dog is kept to guard the tent when there is no one in Tent. Warm hospitality of Nomadic by offering you Tibetan Tea prepared from yak butter and rock salt. All the Nomadic places are settled below the mountain where there is green pasture and a fresh flowing stream.

Pony or horse Riding in Upper Mustang

Horse riding in upper Mustang is popular for many travelers as the land itself is situated on high altitudes and it’s taught to hike. Pony riding is basically offered to people who face difficulty in walking. Besides that people ride horse in Upper Mustang for fun and to make their trip comfort and fatigue free.  Horse can be used for carrying trekker’s luggage too. Even trekkers use horse for at least one day during the exploration day around Lo-Manthang to have rest and to cover more places within a limited time. 

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